Winning Strategies: The Essential Marketing Workshop for Health Coaches

Transform Your Health Coaching Business with Our Exclusive Marketing Workshop –

Unleash the Power of Modern Marketing Strategies and Skyrocket Your Success!


Are you a health coach struggling to:

Reach your potential clients and make an impact?
Decipher the confusing world of online and offline marketing platforms?
Understand how to use Artificial Intelligence for marketing your health coaching services?
See consistent growth in your client base?


Having a clear, strategic plan for all your marketing needs
Reaching your ideal audience effectively and converting them into loyal clients
Leveraging the power of AI to generate effective marketing plans and advertisements
Seeing your health coaching business flourish and grow beyond what you thought was possible

Meet Your Guide:

The Health Coach Group

Our expert facilitator, Cathy Sykora,  has over 40 years of experience in business and marketing, with the last 13 years in the health industry, and knows exactly how to navigate the often complex world of business growth. She’s grown her own successful multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up and is ready to share her insights and strategies with you.

Program Results:

Participants who participate fully in the workshop and implement the practices shown should:

  • Increase  visibility and reach on all marketing platforms
  • Improve  understanding and application of diverse marketing strategies
  • Increase confidence in marketing their health coaching services
  • See tangible growth in their client base within a few months

Unlock the Potential of Your Health Coaching Business with Our Marketing Series!

Starting this Tuesday, we embark on a journey to supercharge your health coaching enterprise.

Value Beyond Selling: Marketing is more than transactions; it defines and conveys your unique value. Master the art of expressing what sets your health coaching apart.

Digital Presence: The health world is buzzing online. Discover strategies to amplify your voice on key platforms, whether it’s social media, blogs, or forums, and reach your audience effectively.

Broaden Your Horizon: If you feel limited by your current reach, let’s expand together. Learn to connect with wider audiences, from your neighborhood to the other side of the globe.

Resource Optimization: If your promotional investments haven’t been fruitful, let’s redirect. I’ll show you how to use your resources efficiently, maximizing every penny’s impact.

Cultivating Trust: In health, credibility is key. Grasp techniques to enhance trust through genuine testimonials, value-packed content, and community rapport.

Client Loyalty: Dive into strategies that not only attract clients but keep them coming back. It’s time for long-term relationships and sustainable business growth.

Income Diversification: Explore diverse avenues for revenue – online classes, webinars, affiliate opportunities, and group sessions, just to name a few.

Networking Goldmine: Our sessions are not just classes; they’re networking hubs. Connect with peers and potential collaborators, and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Boost Your Confidence: Armed with knowledge and tools, watch your confidence skyrocket as you navigate the health coaching business landscape.

Trendspotting: The health sector is dynamic. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the newest trends and ensuring your offerings resonate.

Every renowned health coach began with a dream, much like yours. Now, arm that dream with marketing prowess and watch it transform into a thriving reality.

In this Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • How to use various marketing platforms: social media, email marketing, direct mail, radio, and more
  • How to use AI for generating marketing plans and ads
  • How to convert prospects into loyal customers
  • How to understand and apply the principles of effective marketing in the health coaching sector

How It Works:

  1. Sign up for the workshop.
  2. Join us for six weeks of one hour of intensive, hands-on trainings.
  3. Implement what you’ve learned in your own health coaching business.
  4. See the transformative results!


“Why am I offering this workshop? It’s simple. I have accumulated vast knowledge and practical experience in marketing, particularly in taking businesses from zero to thriving. I’ve mastered the art of building and growing businesses.

We have fantastic programs that aid in wellness and sustainability, and courses that equip you with the skills to facilitate your patients’ health journey effectively. But these tools can only make a difference if they’re utilized. This can only happen if you, the health coaches, have a steady stream of clients and can get people engaged in these programs.

So, this workshop is designed to empower you to excel at marketing your services. My goal is to teach you how to sell yourselves, your skills, and your services. In doing so, you’re helping me extend the reach of our programs and make a larger impact on people’s health and lives.

You’re not just growing your business by learning to market your health coaching business efficiently, you’re enabling us to help more people. Together, we can make a difference. Your growth is not just your success – it’s the success of the health coaching community and the people we serve.”



For just $87 (fully refundable when the principles learned are implemented within 30 days), you’ll receive expert instruction, practical tools, and strategies to elevate your marketing game.


This workshop is worth far more than the $87 ticket price. The skills, insights, and techniques you’ll acquire are invaluable for growing your health coaching business.


Your marketing strategy is crucial for the growth of your health coaching business. Don’t let confusion or overwhelm stand in your way. Take the first step towards transforming your marketing approach by signing up for our workshop.


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