Solidify Your Health Coaching Business With Subscription Revenue

updated from Mar 28, 2017

Look at how many different memberships you have.  For business, there’s Infusionsoft, Hootsuite, Social Sprout, Ring Central, Gotowebinar, PostPlanner, Adobe, Quickbooks, Microsoft….and I’m sure there’s a lot more.  Personal subscriptions include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Just Sprouts, Ideal Pure Water….no wonder we don’t have more spendy cash.

Here’s the thing, if it’s a subscription that adds value to our lives or provides a service or fills a need, then, we use it.  Yes, I know it’s cheaper to grow wheatgrass yourself, but indeed, it doesn’t grow for me – unless you’re looking for penicillin.  I grow more mold than green.  So, when I found out someone else would produce it for me, cut it, bag it, and send it…I jumped on it; it was a no-brainer.

My sister binge watches television shows.  Netflix is a subscription that saves her money.  In the olden days she would go to Blockbuster and rent the limit of “24”…do you remember that?  Then she’d watch them and go back and pray they had the next in the sequence.  Now, for $17.99 you can watch unlimited movies and catch up on 12 seasons of a television series.  Why NOT get that subscription?

I’ve had meals prepared and sent to my home before, I opened the box and was shocked – it was styrofoam??? Isn’t this the age of sustainable living?  Why would a vegan food service use styrofoam containers? Just because it’s a great deal and offers a fabulous service, we still have to share values.

When my mother in law’s doctor sent out a letter asking for $1000.00 a month, with his new concierge services in a subscription package, it seemed like an act to make their practice exclusive and cut out some of the older patients.  Now, with rising insurance costs and increasing deductibles, it seems like a very economic alternative.  To take it one step further, health coaches can offer this kind of service as well.

There are so many options with the health coaching business to use the subscription/membership business model, my question is – why isn’t everyone doing it?

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

What Do You Have to Offer?

Recipes, Menus, Grocery Lists and Meal Planning Instructions can be offerings.  Programs – seasonal detox, the 28 day programs, Healthy Habits, ALL 12 months of the 3-6-9-12 Month program can be included.  What about providing workout videos, how-to videos, pantry raids, do and do not’s lists…Health Coaches have a mountain of opportunity with this business model.

Trying to expand your oils business?  Offer an oil of the month or prizes.  Send out samples as gifts for subscription longevity.

You can include your time in the membership too.  Offer quarterly visits and factor it into the membership price.  Get partners to help your members recoup their spend.  There are so many things you can do with a membership program that the options are endless.

Plus, it’s much easier to get someone in at a $37 a month subscription than a $400 sale.  It’s much easier to get 100 someones in at that price.

A Giant Move in the Economy


“Over the past few years we’ve seen a seismic shift in growth strategies for business brought about by a growing preference on the part of both businesses and consumers to subscribe to services, rather than buy products. And subscription economy companies are allowing their customers the adaptability to either pay as they go, or pay per subscription monthly, or via a long-term contract. The point is to have flexibility.” Forbes

Benefits for Subscriber and Health Coach

The subscription model allows some security and comfort for both the customer and the coach.  The customer doesn’t have to think about reordering, signing up for the next “special program” and usually gets better service and a better price because they’re constant.  The coach knows they have money coming in.  They look at their cash forecast reports and know exactly how much money will be coming in day to day.

The coach knows they have money coming in.  They look at their cash forecast reports and know exactly how much money will be coming in day to day.  Along with the value and comfort of recurring income, coaches enjoy closer relationships with their clients, more flexibility in their time and offerings.

Join Our Membership Beta  

We started talking about membership programs a few months ago. I would like to work with a small group of health coaches to create membership sites that generate a guaranteed monthly income, and allows you to share whatever it is you have to share in any way you want to share it.

What It Will Look Like:
1. We’ll have a small Facebook Group
2. We’ll have an initial one on one meeting
3. Weekly group screen share with critique

You’ll be in our Beta Group, and we’ll be documenting your work for our case studies.  We’ll be invested in your success.

We’ll Cover:
· Content
· Membership Style, Fee, and Plan
· Launch
· Retention
· Referrals

We’ll strategize with you to choose what content you provide and the style and price of your membership plan. No two plans will be the same because they’re designed around your super powers, your niche and the greatest needs of your ideal clients.  You’ll learn your options and set a price and a way to charge.  You’ll plan your membership launch.  We’ll even create a retention plan and a plan to create more business as you go by building with referrals.

This is going to be a lot of one on one, and I want to make sure ahead of time that this is right for you and your business. Email [email protected] and use the subject line Membership Mastery Beta.  Who should join us?  Hard workers, only hard workers.  Health coaches who will work on this until it’s set up and ready to make money for you.