Black Friday Bonanza: November 17 -24

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Black Friday Special: A Whopping 60% OFF on Done-for-You Coaching Programs!


Forms and Contracts Package FREE ($300 Value)

One Month of The Inner Circle Free (MUCH more than $27)

Unbelievable Prices: Ranging from $197 to $1887

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Physician Approved: Every program is vetted by medical professionals, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Research-Driven: Backed by the latest scientific findings, these programs are designed for maximum impact.

Goal-Oriented: Tailored to help clients achieve their personal health and wellness objectives.

Transformative Coaching at Unmatched Prices:

Broad Range of Programs: Whether your clients are beginners or advanced, there’s something for everyone.

Flexibility in Pricing: With a wide range from $197 to $1887, choose what fits best for your clientele.

Elevate Your Coaching Business: Equip yourself with top-tier resources to enhance your coaching services.

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Starter-Sites for Just $148: Ideal for kickstarting your digital footprint with a professional, user-friendly website.

Membership-Sites at Only $400

and 1st Year Paid $157 plugin FREE: Perfect for course delivery, engaging communities, and building a loyal customer base.

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30 Days of Free Tech Support: Get off to a smooth start with our expert technical assistance at no extra cost.

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Black Friday Exclusive: 60% OFF on IMPACT Modular Programs!

Unleash the Power of Single Module Programs:

Special Pricing: Ranging from just $50 to $190.

Customize Your Coaching: Seamlessly integrate these modules into your programs for added depth and impact.

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Versatility: Perfect for a wide range of coaching styles and client needs.

High-Quality Content: Each module is carefully crafted for maximum value and effectiveness.

Easy Integration: Designed to complement and enhance your current coaching programs.

Load Up and Transform Your Coaching:

Diverse Range: Select from various topics and specialties to suit any coaching niche.

Affordable Excellence: With prices slashed by 60%, it’s the perfect time to expand your toolkit without breaking the bank.

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Immediate Application: These modules are ready to use, enabling you to integrate them into your coaching practice quickly.

Enhanced Client Success: Elevate your clients’ journey with tailored, high-quality program additions.

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Unlock a $600.00 Value with Our Special Bonus Offer!

Your Exclusive Package:

We understand the significance of having well-organized and comprehensive documentation in place for your health and life coaching business. To assist you in maintaining an efficient and professional practice, we’re delighted to supply you with a range of essential templates and forms tailored to your needs. These documents encompass various aspects of your business, from client engagement to financial tracking. While we’ve crafted these forms with care and attention to detail, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney to review the legal documents and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that all materials are in full compliance with the laws applicable to your practice. Please remember to fill in the blanks and personalize the documents where specified, so they align perfectly with your unique business requirements.

Your success and peace of mind are paramount to us!

A. Client-Related Forms:
1. Letter of Engagement (less formal contract)
2, Client Intake Form: To gather initial information about the client’s health history, lifestyle, and goals.
3. Health Assessment Form: For a detailed overview of the client’s current health status, medical history, and lifestyle habits.
4 Goal Setting Form: To clearly define the client’s health and wellness goals.
5 Service Agreement or Contract: Outlining the terms of service, fees, and policies.
6. Progress Tracking Form: For monitoring the client’s progress towards their goals.
7. Mid-Term Assessment Form: For a periodic review of the client’s progress.
8. Feedback and Testimonial Form: To gather client feedback on the coaching experience and permission to use their testimonials.
9. Request for Referral: To thank client and ask for referrals to grow coaching a
10. Partner Request Letter: To encourage collaboration in the wellness industry.
11. Personal Planner
B. Administrative and Business Forms:
1. Business Plan Template: To outline the health coaching business strategy, goals, and financial projections.
2. Invoice Template: For billing clients for coaching services.
3. Expense Tracking Form: To keep track of business-related expenses.
4. Income Tracking Form: To record payments received from clients.
5. Client Appointment Schedule: For organizing client sessions and managing time effectively.
6. Referral Form: If the client needs to be referred to another health professional.
7. Confidentiality Agreement: To ensure the privacy of client information.
C. Legal and Compliance Documents:
1. Liability Waiver: To protect the health coach from legal claims related to injuries or damage that could occur during the coaching process.
2. Privacy Policy: Outlining how client data will be used and protected, in compliance with regulations like HIPAA (in the U.S.) or GDPR (in the EU).
3. Consent Forms: For any assessments, photographs, or sharing of client information.
4. Professional Insurance Documents: To maintain records of the health coach’s professional indemnity and liability insurance.
D. Marketing and Communication Materials:
1. Brochures and Flyers: For advertising the health coaching services.
2. Client Welcome Pack: Providing new clients with an overview of the coaching process, what to expect, and how to prepare for sessions.
3. Newsletter Templates: For regular communication with clients, providing health tips, updates, and promotional content.
4. Branding Kit
5. Social Media Content Calendar: To plan and organize content for social media marketing.
6. Marketing Calendar: To plan and organize marketing and promotions.
E. Continuing Education and Professional Development:
1. Certification Records: Keeping track of professional credentials and continuing education credits.
2. Workshop and Seminar Records: Documenting additional training and workshops attended.

Having these forms and documents in place can help you run your practice more efficiently and professionally. It’s important to customize these documents to suit the specific needs of the coaching practice and to ensure that they comply with local laws and regulations. 

Premium Coaching Forms: Designed for optimal efficiency and professionalism in your coaching practice.

Complimentary One Month Inner Circle Membership: Connect, learn, and grow with an elite network of professionals.

Incredible Value, Unbeatable Offer:

Total Package Worth $600.00: A comprehensive toolkit and exclusive membership, are now available as a bonus.

Maximize Your Potential: These tools elevate your coaching effectiveness and expand your professional network.

Why This Deal Is a Steal:

Cost-Effective Upgrade: Enhance your coaching arsenal with premium forms and exclusive community access, all at no extra cost.

Tailored for Success: Our resources are designed to streamline your workflow and provide ongoing support and learning through the Inner Circle.

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I hope you can take advantage of the Black Friday specials.  I see the next year as one of hope and a time for a change.  

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