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Building Abundance: The Business Plan for Health Coaches

An interactive 12-week business development plan for Health Coaches that will take you from dreams to design to build your thriving health coach practice step-by-step.

Get Ready to Change the World!

With Building Abundance, you can build your own thriving Health Coach practice in just 12 short weeks.

I know you have the potential to make a difference in the lives of others. You have the passion, education, and training, so let’s start coaching! If you’re feeling alone, lost, and overwhelmed at the idea of starting your own business; it all stops here.

In 12 weeks, you’ll gain clarity and direction. Along with the support of peers who are in your same shoes, you’ll receive expert advice from business coaches, and form a sound basis for a business plan.

Be Happy, Healthy AND Wealthy!

I want to help you with your dreams of building better lives for your clients. This program will streamline all that fantastic information you have learned, give you strategies and systems to build a thriving business, and successfully put it all together to create your own health coach practice.

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When it comes to health coaching there are a lot of misconceptions and misleading information being conveyed, and I want to cut to the chase. You may have heard some of the following:

  • You need to be connected to a large organization hrough some form of contest, promotion or employment to “have a good start” – this isn’t true!
  • Making $100,000 coaching one on one exclusively is possible part-time – do the math!
  • Just start seeing people, you will grow” – it will take a while.


Between my first business as a Health Coach to now – and over 30 years of learning – I’ve figured it out! I know you work at your business every day, but everything feels askew. You know what to do, but as a puzzle with many pieces, you might not know where to start. It’s sad to me, really sad when I see new coaches decide this business is too hard, and think that their dreams will never come true. It’s such a waste of talent and education. Don’t let your optimism wane – there IS a place in this world for Health Coaches and this world needs YOU in a huge way! If you find yourself feeling like:

  • No one wants to spend the money to be coached.
  • You will never make the money you dreamed of.
  • It takes so much more time working than the hours you have charged for.
  • You’ve been to so many programs that come along to try and learn the secret to success.
  • There are too many projects left undone. (Like that unfinished website you started a while back.)

Don’t give up! Your business dreams can come true. Join us today and Build Abundance – The Business Plan for Health Coaches – and you too can be happy, healthy AND wealthy!



Easy access to modules through a weekly e-mail and or easy download from our Facebook group.

  • Facebook mastermind group
  • Step-by-step business plan
  • Easy module access
  • Color-coded sessions for ease of use

Bonus Modules


6 bonus modules covering extra tips and tricks

  • Time Management
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Your Office at Home
  • Correspondence
  • Resources

Planning Modules


These 13  modules cover everything from budgeting, websites, branding, marketing, and more!



13 Modules

  • Building Knowledge – Business Ownership & Choosing Your Niche
  • Building Infrastructure – Market Research & Forming Your Foundation
  • Building a Budget – Making a Plan and Profit & Loss
  • Building Products – Passive & Active Income, Affiliates
  • Building a Website – Creating a Logo, Sitemaps, Content, Copywrighting
  • Building a Website – Copyrights, Layout, User Testing
  • Building Buzz – Marketing, Branding, Ideal Client, Advertising, Social Media, Content
  • Building Clients – Sales Philosophy, Needs + Features = Benefits, Elevator Pitch
  • Building Clients – Partnering Up, Growing Your Business through Partnerships
  • Building Systems – Define Your Business Skills, Creating Loyal Clients, Client Experience, Exceptions
  • Building Blueprints – Creating Your Business Plan,
  • Building Community – Giving Back

How Do I Know This is Right For Me?

  • You know you need help with your business, but aren’t really sure which way to go. You FEEL STUCK.
  • Your efforts to grow your client base feels PAINFULLY slow.
  • You’re frustrated with your health coaching business, and are still holding out hope that it will work for you and you would really like to take action.
  • You just want to be told WHAT to do and HOW to do it, to start to see REAL results and start to build your list, customer base, and sales.
  • You need more balance in your life. You know there has to be a better answer than working crazy hours, weekends and holidays with no vacation time, and family and friends who are becoming less tolerant.
  • You’re so excited about where you are, and you’re ready to learn the right way to do things and get going.

This is NOT For You If:

  • You don’t really want to put the time or effort into building a business, but you really want to quit your day job.
  • You’re not open to new ideas and think you have more to teach than to learn.
  • You don’t like health coaching, and you’re not sure why you got into this field.
  • You can’t afford food, rent, and Building Abundance.  Save your money for a later time.

“…THCG is like a business GPS

“Before the program, I had the drive but not the direction. THCG is like a business GPS, helping me to determine how to get where I want to be! I would and have recommended BA+. The best way to build a business is to follow someone who has already been where you are, someone who is running a successful business and genuinely cares whether we succeed. Cathy Sykora IS that person, and her capable staff makes it work for me.”

Nia Verified Buyer  

“…highly recommend the Building Abundance Course to any Health Coach that wants to get organized.”

“I highly recommend the Building Abundance Course to any Health Coach that wants to get organized. Being able to outline a plan that includes both a financial and marketing blueprint takes the guesswork, and a good deal of stress out of the process of getting a coaching business laid out and actionable.”

Theresa Verified Buyer

Ready to get customers and make money?

Building Abundance


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