Creating New Business from What You Already Have In Place

Creating New Business from What You Already Have In Place

Podcast 28

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! As health coach professionals, many of you have products and ideas ready to push forward, but you might be unsure of who your market is or maybe you’re afraid to take the next step. A lot of us don’t realize the valuable assets we have built up in our businesses that are ready for the market.

Today, we’re talking with Sandy about opportunities to expand your business by promoting what you already have in place instead of waiting for the perfect website, the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity. The reality is that you can start exactly where you are and start marketing directly to the groups you already know.

Cathy and Sandy discuss the following:

  • The power of marketing to your industry
  • Ways to connect with others in your community
  • Why you should use industry-specific lingo
  • The benefit of creating ways to serve others
  • Suggestions for modifying existing programs
  • Ways to use ads and wait lists to promote your business
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and other marketing tools
  • The power of sharing your story and using your voice

Listen To Episode 28 Below: