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The Starter Pack, in particular, offers a fantastic foundation for your course, with three high-value modules: Values and Goals, Keeping Track, and Introspection, Assessment and Next Steps. This versatile pack can be reused for different time periods, allowing you to offer fresh content and insights every quarter, ensuring your students remain engaged and motivated throughout the year.

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Module Choices

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H00 - HABITS - Starter Pack

Keeping Track- 

Time Traps.  Tracking, Accountability, Motivation, Goals.  This should be week one of any program.

Values and Goals- 

This should be week two of any program.

Introspection, Assessment, and Next Steps –

This should be the final week of each program.

H04 - HABITS - Breathing

The Art of Breathing:  Exploring breath work for enhanced well being.

H05 - HABITS - Sleep

Restorative Rest: Cultivating Healthy Sleep Habits for Optimal Well-being

H06 - HABITS - Self-Care

Prioritizing Self: An Essential Guide to Effective Self-Care Practices

H07 - HABITS - Time Management

Mastering the Clock: Effective Time Management Strategies for Enhanced Well-being

H08 - HABITS - Get Outdoors

Nature’s Embrace: The Health and Wellness Benefits of Engaging with the Outdoors


H09 - HABITS - Skin Care

Radiant Revival: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Skin Care Practices


H10 - HABITS - Energy

Harnessing Vitality: Understanding and Optimizing Your Energy for Well-being


H11 - HABITS - Nutrition

Nourishing Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Nutrition


H12 - HABITS - Fitness

Kinetic Wellness: The Power and Benefits of Movement in Health 


H13 - HABITS - Food Prep

Culinary Wellness: Mastering Health-Conscious Food Preparation


H14 - HABITS - Fun and Laughter

The Joy Factor: Embracing Fun and Laughter for Enhanced Well-being


H15 - HABITS - Time Management for Young Adults

Respect the Clock: Mastering Time Management for Personal and Professional Success – Young Adult


H16 - HABITS - Medical Care for Young Adults

Pathway to Wellness: Cultivating Healthy Habits and Routine Medical Care – Young Adult


H17 - HABITS - Hobbies for Young Adults

Passion Pursuit: Exploring Hobbies for Stress Relief and Personal Enrichment Young Adults



N01 - NUTRITION - Elimination Diet

Gut Health Reset: Implementing the Elimination Diet for Optimal Digestive Wellness

N02 - NUTRITION - Functional Nutrition

Nourish to Flourish: Functional Nutrition and Strategic Meal Planning

N03 - NUTRITION - Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition Boosters: A Comprehensive Guide to Vitamins and Supplements

N04 - NUTRITION - Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diet Decoded: A Deep Dive into Keto Lifestyle

N05 - NUTRITION - Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Marvels: The Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

N06 - NUTRITION - Plant-Based Eating

Green Gastronomy: The Science and Practice of Plant-Based Eating

N07 - NUTRITION - Raw Food Diet

Raw Revival: Exploring the Benefits and Techniques of Raw Food Diet

N08 - NUTRITION - Paleo Principles

Paleo Principles: Navigating the Paleo Diet for Optimal Health

N09 - NUTRITION - Pescatarian Diet

Ocean’s Bounty: A Guide to Pescatarian Diet for Health and Sustainability

N10 - NUTRITION - Fodmap for Gut Health

Using the Fodmap Plan to avoid and help with gut problems.

N11 - NUTRITION - Eat Your Vitamins

Getting your nutrients with food.  Coming Soon

N12 - NUTRITION - Do Your Own Meal Planning

Nutritional Meal Planning for Everyone (Uses Functional Nutrition Guidelines but is not exclusive to that dietary theory, everyone can use it.)


F01 - FITNESS - Stretching

Flexibility and Balance: The Art of Stretching

F02 - FITNESS - Tai Chi

Intro to Tai Chi: Mind-Body Harmony

F03 - FITNESS - Core

Core Power: Boosting Strength and Stability

F04 - FITNESS - Strength

Master Your Muscles: Strength Training Essentials

F05 - FITNESS - Walk

Walk Fit: Harness the Health Benefits of Walking

F06 - FITNESS - Yoga

Yoga Basics: Unleash Inner Peace and Flexibility


E01- ENVIRONMENTAL - Color and Light

Spectrum of Wellness: The Influence and Application of Color and Light in Natural Health

E02- ENVIRONMENTAL - Sound and Music

Harmony in Health: Exploring the Wellness Benefits of Sound and Music


Environmental Vigilance: Understanding Health Impacts of Toxins in Our Surroundings

E04- ENVIRONMENTAL - Nature in Daily Life

Embracing the Natural: The Health and Wellness Benefits of Integrating Nature into Daily Life

E05- ENVIRONMENTAL - Decluttering

Decluttering for Well-being: Simple Strategies for Health Improvement

E06- ENVIRONMENTAL - Ergonomics

Comfort in Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Ergonomics

E07 - ENVIRONMENTAL - Psychological and Spiritual in Design

Harmony at Home: Enhancing Psychological and Spiritual Wellbeing Through Environment Design

E08 - ENVIRONMENTAL - Aging in Place

Golden Years at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Aging in Place

E09 - ENVIRONMENTAL - Your first place - Young Adults

Space of Success: Organizing, Designing, and Budgeting for Young Adults


S01 - SOCIAL - Relationships

Navigating Relationships: Connection, Communication, and Care

S02 - SOCIAL - Positive Relationships

The Social Connection: Cultivating Positive Relationships

S03 - SOCIAL - Relationships and Feelings - Young Adults

Relationship Navigation: Understanding and Processing Feelings for Teens and Young Adults – Young Adult

Mind and Emotions

M01 - MIND - Memory

Memory Mastery: Techniques for a Sharper Mind

M02 - MIND - Positivity

The Positivity Project: Living an Optimistic Life

M03 - MIND - Stress

Stress Busters: Coping Mechanisms for a Better Life

M04 - MIND - Depression

Understanding and Overcoming Depression

M05 - MIND - Meditation

Meditation for Beginners: A Journey Within

M06 - MIND - Cognitive Fitness

Cognitive Fitness: Exercises for a Healthy Mind

M07 - MIND - Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: Harnessing the Power of Possibility

M08 - MIND - Limiting Beliefs

Breaking the Chains: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

M09 - MIND - Emotional Intelligence

Decoding Emotions: An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

M10 - MIND - Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

M12 - MIND - Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques: From Tension to Tranquility

M13 - MIND - The Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving: Exploring Ways to Serve Others for Personal Happiness and Fulfillment

M14 - MIND - What We Control

Understanding Your Sphere of Control: Discerning Between Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors in Life

M15 - MIND - Balance

Pursuit of Balanced Living: Identifying Happiness ‘Voids’ and Overcoming ‘All-or-Nothing’ Mindsets

M16 - MIND - Trusting the Journey

Embracing the Process: Trusting the Journey Towards Personal Transformation

M17 - MIND - Social Support

Harnessing Social Support: The Key to Enhanced Physical and Mental Well-being

M18- MIND - Negative Thinking

Emotional Alchemy: Transforming Negative Thoughts to Positive Feelings and Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

M19- MIND - Emotional Baggage

Unburdening the Self: Assisting in the Process of Letting Go of Unserviceable Baggage

M20- MIND - Personal Responsibility

Cultivating Personal Accountability: Enhancing Strength, Confidence, and Emotional Release for Personal Growth

M21- MIND - Live with Intention

Live with Purpose: The Power of Intentionality in Everyday Life

M22- MIND - Contribution for Young Adults

Circles of Kindness: A Guide to Volunteering and Community Contribution for Young Adults

M23- MIND - Grief

 Journey Through Grief: Understanding and Coping with Loss

M24- MIND - Empathy

Empathy in Action: Cultivating Understanding and Compassion in Everyday Life

M25- MIND - Anger Management

Identify the triggers and patterns of anger, and develop healthier, more constructive ways to express and manage this emotion. Learn various techniques like relaxation, mindfulness, and cognitive restructuring to gain better control over anger and its impact on lives.

M26- MIND - Subconscious Mind

Our internal programming runs our active decision-making. Triggers and unexpected clashes between our conscious and unconscious mind.   Steps we can take to benefit the connection and understanding of our unconscious mind.   How we can use these steps in our daily life.

M27- MIND - Mind/Body Connection

How our mind and body are connected.


C01 - CONDITIONS - Wearables

Tech for Wellness: Leveraging Wearables for Improved Health

C02 - CONDITIONS - Cholesterol

Cholesterol Control: A Guide to Heart-Healthy Living

C03 - CONDITIONS - Strong Bones

OsteoWellness: Strategies for Strengthening Bones

C04 - CONDITIONS - Sugar

Sweet Peril: Understanding the Risks of Excessive Sugar

C05 - CONDITIONS - How to Gain Weight

Healthy Weight Gain: A Comprehensive Guide

C06 - CONDITIONS - How to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Journey: Effective and Healthy Strategie

C07 - CONDITIONS - Inflammation

Inflammation Insight: Causes, Effects, and Management

C08 - CONDITIONS - Joints

Joint Health: A Comprehensive Guide

C09 - CONDITIONS - Liver Health

Liver Health 101: Basics and Beyond

C10 - CONDITIONS - Gut Health

Gut Check: Understanding and Improving Gut Health

C11 - CONDITIONS - Boost Your Metabolism

Energy Unleashed: Understanding and Boosting Your Metabolism

C12 - CONDITIONS - Type II Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes: Lifestyle and Nutrition Strategies

C13 - CONDITIONS - Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Balance: Understanding and Management

C14 - CONDITIONS - Back Pain

Back to Basics: Managing and Preventing Back Pain

C15 - CONDITIONS - Immunity

Immunity Boost: Strengthening Your Body’s Defenses

C16 - CONDITIONS - Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention: Strategies for a Healthier Life

C17 - CONDITIONS - Aging

Aging Gracefully: A Guide to Healthy Aging

C18 - CONDITIONS - Nutrition for Gut Conditions

Food for Health: Nutritional Therapy for Gut Medical Conditions

C19 - CONDITIONS - Foot Pain

Address and alleviate discomfort or pain in the feet through a combination of exercises, stretches, and therapeutic interventions like massage or orthotics. It also include education on proper footwear, gait analysis, and lifestyle modifications to prevent recurrence and promote long-term foot health.

C20 - CONDITIONS - Migraines

A holistic approach to managing and reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines:  a combination of dietary changes, stress-management techniques, regular physical activity, and the use of natural supplements or herbs known to have anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties. Discussing complementary therapies like acupuncture, massage, or yoga, all aimed at addressing the root causes of migraines and promoting overall well-being.

C21 - CONDITIONS - Incontinence

A structured plan designed to help individuals manage and reduce the occurrence of involuntary loss of bowel or bladder control.  It involves a combination of pelvic floor muscle exercises, bladder and bowel training, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes. The program may also include biofeedback, and education on proper toileting techniques to strengthen the muscles involved and promote better control over bowel and bladder function.

C22 - CONDITIONS - Hormones

A comprehensive plan designed to balance hormone levels in the body through a combination of dietary changes, exercise, and stress management techniques. Possible hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the use of bioidentical hormones, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications to address hormone-related symptoms and improve overall well-being.


O01 - OTHER - Wellness - Jewish Faith

Holistic Wellness Through Jewish Faith

O02 -OTHER - Spiritual Exploration Young Adults

Spiritual Exploration: Nurturing Your Inner Life in the Modern World for Young Adults

O03 - OTHER - Wellness and Christian Faith

Wholistic Wellness Through Christian Faith

O04 - OTHER - Alternative Medicine: Energy

Energetic Harmonization: Exploring Chakras, Reiki, and their Origins

O05 - OTHER - Energy II

Energetic Harmonization II

O06 - OTHER - Essential Oils

Unraveling the Power of Essential Oils

O07 - OTHER - Lifelong Learning for Young Adults

Lifelong Learning: Navigating Post-College Education and Career Advancement for Young Adults

O08 - OTHER - Money for Young Adults

Fiscal Fitness: A Young Adult’s Guide to Credit, Budgeting, and Financial Responsibility

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Use the table below to determine the number of modules you’ll need to create your customized program:

For example, if you plan to have a program that lasts six months and you deliver bi-monthly, we recommend selecting six modules and including the Starter Pack for a solid foundation.

By choosing the appropriate number of modules, you can ensure that your program aligns with the desired duration and offers comprehensive content to your students. The Starter Pack will provide you with three modules to kickstart your course, while additional modules can be selected to enhance the learning experience and meet your specific program goals.

Take advantage of this opportunity to create a customized program that suits your timeframe and resonates with your target audience. Together with Impact, you can assemble a unique online course that leaves a lasting impact on your students’ learning journey.

Example One reviews values and goals every quarter and makes assessments at the end of each quarter.  It requires (6) SIX modules and one starter pack.

Example Two reviews values and goals at the beginning and the end of the six-month period.  It requires (9) NINE modules and one starter pack.

Example One

Month One

  • Release Values and Goals From Starter Pack
  • Release Keeping Track From Starter Pack

Month Four

  • Release Values and Goals From Starter Pack
  • Release Keeping Track From Starter Pack

Month Two

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Five

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Three

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release Moving Forward From Starter Pack

Month Six

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release Moving Forward From Starter Pack

Example Two

Month One

  • Release Values and Goals From Starter Pack
  • Release Keeping Track From Starter Pack

Month Four

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Two

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Five

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Three

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release any problem-solving module

Month Six

  • Release any problem-solving module
  • Release Moving Forward From Starter Pack


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