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Overview of Single Module Programs

What’s Included

PDF Module

You will receive a PDF version of the single module program that has been designed by our team and graphic designers. This allows you to share the program quickly and easily with your customers.


PowerPoint to Customize

You will have access to a powerpoint version of the single module where you can make customizations such as change the colors, wording, addition of your logo or business information.


The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet.  It does not restrict calories or have specific serving sizes or mealtimes. You aren’t encouraged to count the total number of calories in one day of the diet’s menu.  You only eat until you’re satisfied. Counting calories is not suggested or helpful in the ketogenic diet.  As in any situation, overeating will lead to weight gain and isn’t advised.

The ketogenic diet doesn’t follow The International Food Pyramid or MyPlate. The International Food Pyramid has fats at the top of the pyramid, which means that you only eat fats sparingly, and MyPlate doesn’t list fats on the diagram.  The ketogenic diet promotes using fats as a major portion of the diet.

Includes PDF module and PowerPoint for easy customization.






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